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What is needed:

Soy Wax      

Pot or something to melt the wax in

Organic color melts or liquid to color the wax if desired

Thermometer that reads to 200F

Herbs or essential oils to be used in candles

Candle Molds

Cotton wick – Appropriate size for the molds


Spoon to stir


Get the wick and mold together following the instructions in the video link on this page or the instructions
that came with the mold.

Add your soy wax to the container that you plan on melting it in. Turn stove on to a low heat setting. Be
sure to monitor the temperature of the wax so that it does not exceed 200F. If you see smoke coming off
the wax then it is to hot and you need to remove it from the heat source immediately.

When the wax reaches approximately 175F then you can add your herbs, color and oils.  If adding color to
the wax, take a white piece of paper and smear a little bit of the wax on it with the stirring spoon. After it
has cooled it will show the color the candle will be. If it is not dark enough add more coloring. If to dark, add
more wax.  

Next stir and remove from heat and let it naturally cool down to approximately 145F. This is the temperate
at which you pour the candle into the molds.

Carefully and slowly pour the wax into the mold. If you are using self releasing wax you do not need to treat
the mold with a releasing agent. Let cool for several hours up to 24 hours depending on the size of the

If an air bubble has formed you should see a hole in the top of the candle. That is normal. What you need
to do is melt some more wax and carefully fill the hole. Take care to not pour too much or it will go down
the sides of the candle and ruin the appearance. Let it cool. If another hole forms repeat the process
again. Once no more holes form you can carefully pour more wax unto the surface of the candle to even
out it’s appearance. Let cool.

Now you are ready to remove it from the mold. Remove putty on the bottom of the mold. Turn mold upside
down and gently tug on the wick tied to the dowel rod. If it does not release, place it in the refrigerator,
NOT THE FREEZER, for about 5 minutes. It should come out easily after that. Never place in the freezer
because the low temperature can cause the wax to crack.

Once the candle is released from the mold, trim the top part of the wick to ¼ inch and cut the bottom part
of the wick as close to the candle as possible. Your candle is now ready for use. Never leave a burning
candle unattended.  

As a side note, the wax is soft enough that you can use a round toothpick to carve into the wax if you

Blessed be!