Magical Number Correspondences
1. New beginnings, singularity, potential, identity, independent, self-reliance, self-completeness and

2. Duality, balance, companionship, balance of energy, imagination, love, plurality, compromise and

3. Goddess and/or God in their triple aspects. Fertility, creativity, activity, results and growth. Adds
power to ritual workings.

4. The four elements/directions, stability, security, building, health and control.

5. The fifth element spirit. Challenges, passion, conflict, energy, destruction, experience and renders
evil spirits powerless.

6. Doubling of three. The God and the Goddess. It is balance, harmony, luck, fortune, remembrance,
love, friendship and sharing. Adds power to ritual workings.

7. Mysticism, spirituality, meditation, secrets, clairvoyance, intuition and sacredness. Can be used to add
power to ritual workings.

8. Eight is the double of 4 and the cube of 2 and brings about strength, perfection, karma, stability,
health, inner strength, good will and prosperity.

9. A powerful number. Nine is 3 x 3, making it a powerful number for the God and Goddess. It is
accomplishment, fruition, sacredness, high spirituality and releasing energy into the universe. A good
idea to incorporate it into spellwork and ritual.